Why Landscape Painting?


Painting landscape is magical.

With a few strokes of a paint brush and dabs of color you create clouds that dance across the sky, grasses that sway in the breeze, and marsh land that stretches into the distance.

Landscape artists create illusion. The illusion of deep space on the flat canvas or board. We paint the air to create the warmth of the sun and dark clouds that promise rain. The scene can be painted from a photograph of a place once visited, or on location (plein air) or it can be created from the imagination.

We of course do not paint exactly what we see, there are cameras for that. Instead, we decide what we want to see. We can choose to depict the landscape in various ways. If there are too many trees on the slope, we can choose to leave out a few. We can paint every blade of grass or instead, with the stroke of the brush or palette knife create an abstract field of color.

We work to draw you in, for you to become spell bound and to enter the painting and into the majesty of the land.