Three Cups

Three Cups, oil on board, 24" x 30" - © Barbara J. Hart

I'm back in the studio and it feels good!  I've been attempting to grab more time in the studio whether it is at 6:00 AM or at 10:30 PM.  I'm finding that even a half hour here and there is better than nothing.  I work a full-time job that takes a whole lot of energy, and many times by the end of the week I'm not really sure what Art is anymore! I'm exhausted and feel disconnected from my creative self. And, I'm not alone, so many of my artist friends struggle with the same issues. 

This past year I've been working to create schedules for myself.  I have a schedule for studio time, a schedule for marketing my work and last but not least (although the toughest for me), a schedule to post to my blog. In addition to my little snippets of time during the week I save the serious time (4-5 hours) for Saturday and Sunday.  Let's see how it works!