Studio Visit - Mary Didoardo, New York Abstract Artist

  Mary Didoardo Studio Visit

Mary Didoardo is a dear friend, former neighbor, and committed artist. Last week, I made a quick trip to New York for my grand nephew’s first birthday and a friend’s 50th birthday party.  Before she went on vacation and I headed off to my celebrations, Mary and I enjoyed a leisurely lunch and a visit to her studio.

Wow! It was obvious that she's been hard at work making paintings and pushing to work in a larger format. I love her process and her finished paintings.

Mary's paintings are complex, both in layering of information and in developing surfaces with line, texture and color. There is underlying evidence of previous stages of what she considers “failed paintings”.  What Mary calls “failed paintings” becomes the foundation from which the surface is built up through layers then scraped away. The process remains visible for the viewer to read.

She charges and coaxes the uniform lines by alternately working the lines within, around and through the surface. This process integrates and embeds the line and keeps it from being simply a design element. The lines draw the space enriching the final painting.

To see more of Mary's paintings, stop by Kathryn Markel Fine Arts.