Morning at Savage Neck Dunes

  Morning at Savage Neck Dunes is an 6"x6" oil painting on board by Barbara J Hart. Inspired by a trip to this golbally unique environment.

I collect visual pieces of a place and put them in my paintings.

This tiny painting is inspired by a field trip with my Master Naturalist class. On a beautiful fall day we explored the remote Savage Neck Dunes Natural Area Preserve. As we walked the trail, we learned about the many animal and plant species of this globally rare maritime environment.

Savage Neck Dunes Natural Area Preserve is a stunning preserve with sand dunes that tower as much as 50 feet above the Chesapeake Bay as well as forest, woodland and scrub. The Preserve provides food and shelter for migrating songbirds as well as  a home for the federally threatened north eastern beach tiger beetle.

Wander a short trail through the maritime forest and gradually you find yourself walking on a sandy path. Here stunted loblolly pines form an open canopied woodland. Meander through the woodland and pass through the dunes that include loblolly pines, ground-hugging beach heather, persimmons, and wax myrtle. Just on the other side of the dunes is a beach with a mile of shoreline running along the Chesapeake Bay. The dunes are an unexpected find along the bay.

How could I not be inspired? The painting is from the beach looking up to the dunes at the loblolly pine and the scrub.