Upcoming show at Richardson Gallery

Preview of New Works for Upcoming Show at Richardson Gallery 24 King Street, Onancock, VA (Eastern Shores) 757-789-3151 Opening Reception on November 13 from 5 - 8 pm Where has the time gone!

The summer has just flown by and posting to this blog has been rather sparse. It's been a busy time with some solid creative work in the studio. Aside from my studio activities, work and other goings on, I am always distracted with the adventures and opportunities of my life and negligent in posting my work. My life sometimes is a whirlwind of activities and people, but I wanted to give you a sneak preview of some of the paintings that will be included in my upcoming exhibit.

My current paintings explore landscape. Images inhabit fields of color that divide and sub-divide the picture plane and capture the spirit of a place; a visual journal of memory. I attempt to capture the beauty of subjects encountered in daily life but often overlooked. A walk down a city street or a stroll through a rural landscape elicits a unique experience with a particular sense of light, feeling and texture.

I find beauty in the commonplace. My landscapes are reduced to simplified forms, visual icons that capture the essence. Empty fields, a stand of trees, and tree branches are my inspiration for my rural landscape paintings. I attempt to give them new perspective through simplicity and color.

Rarely acknowledged, often overlooked, New York City water towers exist on another plateau. They inspire me to look up in this bustling city. I paint the simple elevated wooden barrels to bring attention to the quiet beauty of these relics of our urban environment

I paint a tapestry of colors and moods of living in the city or the serenity the rural vista. My work investigates the process of painting as tactile, layered and object-like. The surfaces are worked so evidence of underlying images is revealed to suggest the passage of time. My color palette is inspired by time spent in New Mexico and in the Pacific Northwest.