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New Studio Space – PB&J Studio Opens

June 28, 2016
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Very excited to announce that I am sharing a studio space with two other painters. We had a very successful Grand Opening and received local press about the event. It was all very exciting and rewarding. We call ourselves PB&J Studio. Here’s why:

Art Studio 5-3-16

View of the studio at the end of the Grand Opening of PB&J Studio


Grand Opening 5-13-16

The studio is painted a beautiful turquoise, one of our favorite colors.

We are three local painters Penny Makris, Barbara Hart and Jeanette Darnell and we have teamed up to create PB&J Studio. The naming happened on the spot. We were excited to see the studio with beautiful turquoise walls and plenty of space, and we looked at each other and asked “What are we going to call ourselves?” Jeanette suggested “How about PB&J?” And the rest is history. Our light-filled working studio is a pleasant and inviting environment which is open by appointment.

Penny works from an intuitive place and her paintings explore fantasy and spirituality. Barbara finds inspiration for her paintings in marsh lands, clouds and country roads. Shape, line and mixed media are the driving forces in Jeanette’s paintings of nature and everyday objects.

Stay tuned for continuing developments.




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In the Studio: What I’m working on

April 2, 2015
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I’ve always worked in acrylics. That is until now. In New York, my studio was in my tiny New York apartment. Now that it’s in a separate room, on another floor, with a door; I’m giving it a go. I’m working in oils and I love it!

Here’s the under painting for my first canvas. I’m excited to explore color, surface and paint handling through oils and to portray the vitality of the rural landscape of North Carolina.



Painting in oils

In process: 16″ x 20″ canvas with under painting in oils. No title yet, Barbara J Hart


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