The Art of the Monoprint – The Process

April 22, 2015
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In the Studio-close up of monoprint process

In the Studio – close up of monoprints in process.

A monoprint is a single print created by transferring an image that has been painted onto a plate and transferred to paper. I love the process of monoprinting. It is a spontaneous technique that lends itself to experimenting with a wide variety of materials, papers, transfer techniques and plates.

The plate is the surface you paint on. Traditionally, plates include metal, wood, glass and plexi, to name a few. Up until I discovered gelatin plates (or Gelli Arts® plates which is the manufactured gelatin plate) I used a piece of plexi for my plate. Please note that permission was received to use the Gelli® or Gelli Arts® trademark, which is owned by Gelli Arts® LLC).

Photo of gelli plate and monoprints in process

In the Studio – close up-working with gelli plate (on left of photo) to create monoprints.

My process involves rolling ink onto the plate with a brayer. Or, applying paint to the plate and building layers through multiple transfers. The transfer of the image from the plate to the paper is done by hand, or with a press. By layering stencils, creating textures from everyday objects and masking out areas of the plate, the image quickly takes shape. To complete the monoprint I often incorporate pastels, paint or glue on torn papers and materials to the print. Continuing to develop it with free and spontaneous methods until I feel that the print is done.

In the Studio. Photo of working process and finished print

In the Studio-close up of monoprints in process with sketchbook and finished print on right.

Here are four new monoprints, inspired by recent visits to gardens at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville. Now available in the shop.

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Sweet Talk

January 27, 2015
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Sweet Talk Conversation #1
Celebrate love! 
Give a Sweet Talk collage (or two). Available in my shop.
  • This little gem is collaged/painted on a cradled board
  • 6″ x 6″ inches and 1 inch deep
  • ready to hang (framing not necessary)
  • materials, wax, collage items and stamps
  • handmade and one of a kind





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Painting of Water Tower and Collage

April 20, 2009
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“Water Tower and Collage”, 12″ x 12″ (c) Barbara J. Hart

Here’s another painting in the Water Tower Series. The water tower, collage images and shell come together by association. The images coexist through abstraction. Each image serves as a symbol of an idea, an object in time. In the painting process, images emerge and disappear. Stencils are added and erased. Sometimes an image gets wiped away or sanded out to reveal underlying layers. Each object affects the other as elements shift within the picture plane. The working of the surface represents the passage of time.

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