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Studio Visit – Mary Didoardo, New York Abstract Artist

July 3, 2015
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Mary Didoardo Studio Visit

Mary Didoardo in front of one of her recently completed paintings.

Mary Didoardo is a dear friend, former neighbor, and committed artist. Last week, I made a quick trip to New York for my grand nephew’s first birthday and a friend’s 50th birthday party.  Before she went on vacation and I headed off to my celebrations, Mary and I enjoyed a leisurely lunch and a visit to her studio.

Wow! It was obvious that she’s been hard at work making paintings and pushing to work in a larger format. I love her process and her finished paintings.

Mary’s paintings are complex, both in layering of information and in developing surfaces with line, texture and color. There is underlying evidence of previous stages of what she considers “failed paintings”.  What Mary calls “failed paintings” becomes the foundation from which the surface is built up through layers then scraped away. The process remains visible for the viewer to read.

She charges and coaxes the uniform lines by alternately working the lines within, around and through the surface. This process integrates and embeds the line and keeps it from being simply a design element. The lines draw the space enriching the final painting.

To see more of Mary’s paintings, stop by Kathryn Markel Fine Arts.  



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Hello Summer – Finding Inspiration Along the French Broad River

July 3, 2015
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Me in Asheville River Arts District2

Yours truly in front of one of the many murals in Asheville’s River Arts District (RAD). Photo by Lee Wolfe.

Summer is here! Hope you are enjoying the beginnings of the season. Even though it was cool and rainy yesterday, ceramic artist Lee Wolfe and I took a break from our studios to meet for lunch and visit a few studios. We had a fun time, catching up, taking lots of Instagram photos and talking to other artists.

We met in the River Arts District a/k/a the RAD, along the French Broad River. The neighborhood was once the industrial heart of Asheville. The district continues to thrive today but with a different creative spirit; one full of artists, musicians and restaurants and a micro-brewery.

After we stuffed ourselves with fish tacos at White Duck Taco Shop, we headed off to visit a few studios. Here are two that we enjoyed.

Andrew Kulish of Studio A is a vibrant artist and designer. She creates handmade lamps, pysanky eggs, mixed media art along with her graphic design work.

Studio A artist and designer, Andrea Kulish

Studio A artist and designer, Andrea Kulish

Many lovely Pysanky Eggs by Andrea Kulish

Many lovely pysanky eggs created by Andrea Kulish using traditional Ukrainian patterns as well as her own modern designs.

The rare Ukrainian folk tradition of creating pysanky eggs is a unique part in the mosaic of America’s varied cultural heritage. Andrea is very excited to share the making of the eggs with people and does live demos and workshops for those who want to dive deeper in the pysanky egg making artform.

When we walked into Pat Phillips studio she was in the process of adding a patina to links for her newest necklace. And, we got to watch the process!

Pat Phillips with creating a patina to metal links

Pat Phillips applying a patina to metal links

Pat Phillips'almost completed necklace.

Pat Phillips’almost-completed necklace.

Pat creates contemporary one-of-a-kind jewelry designs using silver and gold.

Both studios are located at the Pink Dog Creative. If you are in town, stop by for a visit. Andrea and Pat would love to see you.


Pink Dog Creative – Don’t you just love all these bright colors?

You know, sometimes its good to take a break from the studio, spend the afternoon with a friend, visit other studios and come back inspired. I know I did!

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